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God wants all of us to encounter Him and get to know Him; He wants us to be, "born again."  At the same time, He doesn't want our faith to end there, His desire for us is to grow and mature.  He wants our faith to grow.

One of the ways we know our faith is growing, is by the love we have for one another.  The Bible tells us that even people who have not yet had their encounter with Him, will know whether or not we belong to God by the love we have for each other.

While we're doing that, while our faith is growing and our love for one another is growing, something else happens; our love for the truth also grows. In today's, "information age," that's perhaps more important than ever.

Jesus said, “. . . I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). That means He wants us to have more than just a salvation encounter, He wants us to understand how essential it is to know and follow the truth.

Today, the lines between fact and fiction are easily and often blurred. Because of that many are becoming discouraged and are losing their “love of the truth.”

Why is this important?

Because as we draw closer to the Lord's return, deceptions grow stronger.


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Think about it. Today anybody can read a few verses from the Bible, put them on a website and tell you, "that's all there is to know about God."

In the same way it's easy to present pictures and video that have been altered to say something the person in the picture never said.  Today we can no longer trust even our eyes and our ears - We have to have something better than that, we have to have Jesus.

Truth, the love of the truth, and the ability to know and follow the truth is critical, because  the Bible tells us that any believer who loses the “love of the truth” has become deceived and gone astray. (2Thes2)

Think about it. How can you say you love Jesus, if you’ve lost the love of the truth?

Our ministry is on a mission to share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ the way He did, in truth and in love. Not just the bits and pieces that make us feel good, but the whole Gospel. Because anything less than the whole truth, is not Jesus.

Please enjoy our website, and God bless you.

Pastor Barry

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